MANUFACTURER plastic welding equipment



For more than 30 years FORSTHOFF has been manufacturing plastic welding equipment and supplying hot-air devices for professional requirements to virtually all the countries of the world. 

Internationally, they have been known for several centuries for the manufacture of sharp blades, knives and scissors. 

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The handy and extremely powerful hot air hand-held welding machine from the new FORSTHOFF Oval line. High air output combined with strong 3,000 W 230 V heat output, and all packaged in a handy and robust form. Our durable Hand-held welders offer a variety of options and accessories including a wide range of nozzles to fit any task. Here is a brief summary of features. All units come in either 120 volts or 230 volts. The NEW Oval-Q is a powerful universal welding device. It features a high-performance dual fan and ergonomic design.

The Quick-SE is a versatile light hot air tool with an ergonomic handle design. For more power and air flow review our Oval-Q, Tube-G and Grand-SE.The Vento-G and Vento-Q offer brushless motors for continuous use in industry.

The affordable Quick-L non-electronic hot air tool is perfect for use on tarpaulin, tent, awning fabricators and automotive upholsters.

The Mini Electronic is a compact lightweight hot air welder that is ideal for tank manufacturers and plastic fabrication.